What Are Exhaust Headers and Header Bolts?

Having a better understanding of exhaust headers is important to ensure your engine performance is not compromised. Additionally, it helps prevent exhaust leaks and exhaust gasket failure, which could cost you quite a lot in repairs.   How an Engine Without an Exhaust Header Works A normal vehicle's engine has four to eight cylinders and each has an exhaust outlet. These outlets join a common exhaust pipe through an exhaust manifold.

3 Valuable Tips When Planning to Upgrade your 4WD Suspension

Having a quality suspension system for your 4WD vehicle makes a significant difference in the way the truck performs off-road. However, some 4WD owners take the importance of upgrading their 4WD suspension system for granted. The reason is that most 4WD car owners believe that the factory suspensions that come with the truck are adequate for off-road excursions. However, this may not be the case because increased loads and frequent off-road driving take a toll on factory suspensions.