The Various Options of Custom Auto Upholstery You Could Choose From

Custom upholstery forms a great way of transforming your car to appear unique from others. The standard auto upholstery is mass-produced, which makes it common to many vehicles on the road. However, the idea of custom auto upholstery is to create a unique personal look that will express your own personality. A major limitation in such modifications is your personal understanding and imagination on how various fabric materials can blend together. There is freedom of matching and mixing different fabrics in upholstery to come up with an outstanding look. However, you may be required to hire a professional to sew and fit your custom made auto upholstery. Below are various options you could use to develop your own auto upholstery.

Fabric Upholstery

Fabric upholstery is much cheaper than other types like leather and can be customised easily to offer your desired taste. Fabrics are easy to use as you can choose any type and blend it with any pattern to come up with something unique for your car. They are strong materials that enable you to choose a design that will make it stand out. You may use a professional to reproduce the design throughout the car and not just the seats.

Using thin materials on headers and doors may be a perfect finish for your car's interior. You may do this by yourself using a stretcher, clamps, and some glue.

Leather Upholstery

This is a popular choice for most upholstery designs and the most versatile materials available in the market. It is the most expensive but takes time to wear, making it one of the best options you should consider. Leather upholstery can be selected in various finishes and colours to suit your desire. Panels of different colours may also be used to generate a pattern on your car seats. Piping with contrasting colours may be a better option around the edges.

The dashboard and header can be covered using leather too. Many people consider suede but is not always the best option due to vulnerability to heavy wear and tear, mostly on seats.

Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl upholstery can make a perfect substitute for leather but is not a common option for most automobile users. This option is available in many finishes and colours and does not age or wear easily just like leather.

Special Fabrics Upholstery

The most popular under this category is crushed velvet. It looks wonderful when new but is not a good choice since it wears easily. Make a different upholstery choice if you are using your car regularly because it is difficult and expensive to clean.