What is the Best Finish for Boat Trailer Hubs?

Boat trailer hubs need to be protected from substances that can cause them to corrode and wear out quickly. For instance, they need to be protected from the damaging effects of moisture. There are two common ways used to finish trailer hubs: painting and galvanisation. This article discusses those two protection mechanisms. Use this information as you decide which finish is the best for your needs.

Galvanised Boat Trailer Hubs

Galvanisation refers to a process by which a protective layer of zinc is applied onto iron or steel. This zinc coating prevents the iron or steel from rusting. Hot-dip galvanisation (dipping the iron or steel product into a container of molten zinc) is the most common way to give metals a zinc coating. This zinc coat will still protect the steel or iron underneath even if a segment of the zinc coating is scratched off. This is because the remaining zinc creeps and covers the exposed part. Galvanised boat trailer hubs are very good if the trailer will be exposed to severe agents of corrosion (such as saltwater). However, galvanised trailer hubs are more costly to buy when compared to painted hubs.

Painted Boat Trailer Hubs

Painted trailer hubs are an option that you can explore if you find that galvanised hubs cost more than what you are able to spend at that moment. The surface of these hubs is protected from corrosion by a coat of paint that is durable. However, you have to keep repainting the hubs once the old coat wears off or is scratched. This is because corrosion can start from that exposed segment of the hub and spread to the rest of the metal. You should consider buying these hubs if you use the trailer to transport your boat to a body of freshwater. You can also use painted hubs if you are willing to give them the regular maintenance that they need, such as regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of grime that can eventually destroy the protective paint coating.

Regardless of your choice of boat trailer hubs, regular checking is important so that you can rectify any anomaly that is observed. This will ensure that your investment lasts for as long as the manufacturer intended it to last. You should also discuss your needs with a supplier of boat trailer parts, such as Transtyle Trailers, so that you receive the latest information on how to maintain your new hubs.