Optimizing the Performance of Your Car

Some people see the exhaust pipe on their cars as just an outlet that releases all the waste gases. While this is very true, the exhaust system serves many more functions in your car, and it plays a very huge part in the overall performance of your car. The exhaust systems have several parts such as the, oxygen sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust pipe, the muffler that quiet downs the sound produced by the exhaust and the most important, catalytic converter which converts all those harmful gases such as carbon monoxide into carbon which can then be released into the environment.

It is therefore important to keep your exhaust system in perfect condition, since if anything is wrong; it may prove harmful to the environment. The main problem that affects most systems is corrosion, which may lead to wear and tear and thus affect the performance of the car. So as to know how to take care of your cars exhaust system, you have to understand the different types of systems available in the market.

Single Exit System

Also referred to as single cat- back system, it has only one outlet pipe, muffler and tail exit. They are relatively cheap and most of them do not require any welding when installing, for this reason you can easily buy it from an auto shop and do it yourself. They provide relatively good fuel economy but are definitely not the best, since most are not very efficient. However some types of cars can only accommodate this type of system so finding the best is the only way to ensure good performance.

Dual Rear Exit

As the name suggests, they have a double pipe tail. They are suited for those who are looking for a sportier look for their cars and their sound. Dual exit systems tend to produce a little more sound compared to the single which most people enjoy. They are more efficient at getting rid of waste gases, and are thus preferred by most car manufacturers nowadays.

High Performance Systems

These are the best in the world of exhaust systems. They are much more expensive than the rest but this is compensated by the fact that their efficiency levels are very high. They can make the car run more smoothly and with a much higher level performance. The high performance pipe has wider exhaust pipes which reduces pressure in the engine allowing it to reach optimal performance.